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Misfits tells the story of a group of British teenagers, rather, fiveoffenders forced to perform community service, which after athunderstorm lightning acquire supernatural powers.

Hear others' thoughts, become invisible, eroticize neighbor insanelevels, make the time back or just have the gift of immortality are thecapabilities that thetemporary prodigious distributed among ourdear boys.

During the first season saw them deal with their new features, andwe all suffer. But now, in this new state, after several battles leftbehind and some other body, it is clear that children are not thesame as they were.

His characters:

Nathan Young

Nathan (Robert Sheehan) is cocky, sharp, and the last group to discover its po
wer. He says he was forced to do community service for stealing candy. Later it is revealed the real reason: it causes a huge disturbance in a bowling alley, and
even assaultedby their proprietor and rejects attempts to avoid his father's arrestand prosecution. After his mother throw home tired that he willboycott his love life constantly, Nathan becomes a hobo and goesto live in secret in the community center. It is also angry with hisfather for abandoning them. It also
has a problem remembering thenames of people and is completely gon
e.Nathan spent much time trying to find out your power. Finally, when he dies after falling from a
building in the last chapter of the firstseason, also impaled on a fence, she discovers her power ofimmortality is restored upon waking in a coffin. Subsequently, it is also revealed that it has the power to see the dead, realizing at the time that is seeing and communicating with a minor character, the latter being killed. This power is limited only to persons who had contact with him in life.

Simon Bellamy

Simon (Iwan Rheon) is a shy social outcast, who is sentenced tocommunity service for anattempted arson. Her power is invisibility,which first appears when he feels ignored. In thebeginning, othersdoubt that his power is real. Curtis believes in the ability of Simon, as Simon tells him that he had seen a personal moment between him and Alisha in the bathroom. WhenSimon becomes invisible,the head and his hands were moving at high speed, and his mouth and eyes open for the pain. At first it seems that Simon lost controlof their power,collapsing on the floor groaningwhen it becomesinvisible, apparently against his will. However, later shows muchmore control of theirability, turning invisible at will and quickly.
Simon is presented as the smartest person in the group, which isshown on several occasions. It has no real friends and othersrefuse to go for a drink with him. He is constantly taking picturesand videos with your mobile phone. Sally, Tony's fiancée, theprobation officer killed, suspect that the Misfits were involved in thedisappearance of Tony and Simon tries to approach, realizing thatis the weakest of the group mind.
From the second season changes slightly, becoming more sure ofhimself and showing more leadership for difficult situations. When your order is reversed because of the pills, acquires the ability to attract everyone and this causes all watch it fall into a trance, this power disappears while the hallucinogenic effect of the pills.


Kelly (Lauren Socha) is in service to the community for fighting witha girl. It is the first to discover its power. Has telepathy and thereforehear the thoughts of others, including your dog.It's aggressive and worry about what others think of her. His habit ofspeaking before thinking makes results reveal the secrets of hiscolleagues in more than one occasion. Nathan is attracted to and vice versa, but is afraid of the damage it may cause, asdemonstrated when the power is reversed because of the pills, whystart counting the first thing that comes into their head. Like Simon,this is not permanent.

Curtis Donovan

Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) was a star athlete in full swing. Hisgoal was to compete in the 2012 Olympics. However, his careerwas ruined after being caught in possession of cocaine and ofbeing publicly embarrassed because he was an example in the eyes of the law due to their profile.
After the storm, Curtis acquires the power to go back in time in complicated situations, but can not control: You can change pastevents that affect future results. Every time something happens thataffects a lot, back to back without any control. On one occasionback several times back in time, trying to fix what led him to community service and save his ex-girlfriend sentence for drugtrafficking. On these trips we know
about past events related to theother players. Finally, back to the future and discovers that hisex-girlfriend continues to be his girlfriend, but she gets break aftermultiple attempts (each time that he began to mourn back in timeto the beginning of the conversation to break it), eventuallybreaking in a shabby to cite a phrase from Spiderman.
Alisha has a relationship with until the second season, where hedecided to break after the Commission's doubts. When your orderis reversed because of drugs, travels to the future for a fewseconds, we discover a new character.


Alisha (Antonia Thomas) performs community service after arrestby police for driving under the influence of alcohol. His power is manipulating the pheromones, which makes people want to touch your skin to have sex with her, going into a frenzy and describingtheir sexual desires aloud with a great graphic detail. Those whoare affected by their power have no memory of what they did andsaid.
Alisha abused this power until it begins to feel alone and begins tosee it as a curse. Curtis began a relationship with, and since they can not touch choose to have a visual way. It alone knows the trueidentity and breaks Superhoodie Curtis falling in love with it, whocan also play it without affecting his power. This relationshipcauses some secrets to discover and begin to change their way of being slightly.
By reversing its power, because of the pills, the opposite occurs inthe normal state: anyone who touches it and is repulsed by doing their best to separate, even hurting.

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